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Here, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help you make the most of your sunbed experience.

How old do I need to be to tan?

UK law says you need to be 18 to be able to use UV tanning equipment.

What do ID do I need to come and tan?

Passport, Driving Licence or ID card from the national proof of age scheme with a hologram (This is only required if the customer looks younger than age 25).

How long can I tan for?

Session length depends on your skin type and tanning history. The first session with us is usually the minimum session length suitable for your skin type which in turn enables our trained Tanning Consultants to help you design the tanning package to suit you.

How quickly will I develop a tan?

It depends on your skin tone and type, but melanin normally develops after 48 hours. Our competent staff will help you find the perfect tanning lotion and course duration/frequency to maximise your results.

How much time should I leave in between sessions?

48 hours is the recommended time between tanning sessions - enough time for melanin to develop. We often allow customers to tan again after 24 hours but NOT in the Birmingham area where our licence states sunbed sessions are only allowed every 48 hours.

How long are my minutes valid for?

Minutes are valid for 1 year.

Can I combine remaining minutes with a new course?

Only in our newest salons that have a new computer system. Please ask in store.

Can I use my minutes in a different salon from the one I bought them on?

NO sorry, minutes are only valid in the salon you bought them in.

Can I extend the timeframe in which I can use my minutes?

Minutes are valid for 1 year. If you are pregnant or injured or with a medical condition we can increase your expiration time IF you tell us before your minutes expire. Please contact our Head Office by emailing We cannot extend validity of already expired minutes, sorry.

If I buy 24 minutes can I split them in different sessions?

NO sorry, they are for a single session. You can only split 60 or 75 minutes courses. 

Can I use my minutes both on a stand up and lie down bed?

If you bought minutes for a lie down you can use them on a stand-up. You can always trade minutes to a cheaper bed, but NOT trade them up for a more expensive bed.

What’s the difference between a stand up and lie down bed?

Individual preference! Beds are as varied as users and the main difference between stand-up and lay-down tanning is individual preference. Some clients like to pop in for a short session on a stand-up on their way to work whereas others like to enjoy a longer session on a lay-down to relax and unwind! Modern beds are designed to tan all over through the careful design of the lamp array, client position and reflectors. 

What’s the difference between a Deluxe Bed and a Hybrid Bed?

Hybrid and Deluxe beds are essentially the same. They have all the same tanning features. The only difference is that the Hybrid bed has more collagen and melanin-boosting lamps fitted as standard.

What’s the difference between Basic, Mediterranean and Caribbean Setting on the sunbeds?

Basic: Equal proportions of UV-A and UV-B to produce a balanced tanning effect.
Mediterranean: a higher proportion of UV-A results in faster tanning.
Caribbean: a higher proportion of UV-B helps the user achieve a more intense tan.

Are sunbeds good for Vitamin D?

Yes, moderate exposure to UV light in our tanning beds helps you to build up Vitamin D levels. More information can be found here

Can I bring my own lotion to use on the sunbeds?

Customers should show staff the product they intend to use on their sunbed session to check if it is suitable. Unfortunately, a lot of accelerator lotions contain chemicals which are harmful to sunbed acrylics. These will not be allowed on our sunbeds. Oil products can also be dangerous as the overspill can make the floor slippery. We have a range of specific tanning creams that will help you tan faster, darker and keep your tan for longer. Ask staff which one is best for you.

How do I know when you have a promotion?

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Do you have any jobs available?

Please check for any current vacancies. To apply, please send your CV to and state which branch you are applying for.

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Regular, moderate exposure is necessary for good health. UV light is the most important source of Vitamin D for people in the UK…

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