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Are you ready for THE revolution in tanning that gives you 50% energy-savings compared to the VEGAZ and 100% tanning power? Yes! Less really is more, thanks to groundbreaking technical innovations and a unique combination of UV-A and UV-B LED technology. The Luxura Jewel is the latest model at the top of Luxura's range and excels in many facets. New technology and groundbreaking innovative developments create a spectacular tanning experience with excellent tanning results.

The JEWEL EQ45 is equipped with a total of 454 UV-A PowerLEDs, 18 UV-B PowerLEDs, 331 red LEDs, and 672 yellow micro LEDs. Throughout the entire length, the bench and canopy are equipped with 10 BOS Boosters for a super-fast tanning effect and 37 Premium EQ Intensive 80-100W lamps.

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The Jewel's full LED face tanner features UV-A PowerLEDs, UV-B PowerLEDs, red LEDs and yellow LED light. Powerful LED light on an innovative spectrum is the perfect combination for an instantly visible, beautiful tanning effect, soft cared-for skin and a wonderful feeling of vitality. A true masterpiece!


The Jewel is equipped with unique tanning boosters with a high direct pigmentation value. The 10 boosters are evenly distributed across the canopy and bed, and each consist of 25 UV-A PowerLEDs and 25 red LEDs.


Integrated shoulder tanners and a necktanner provide perfect tanning of those parts of the body that are notoriously hard to reach; the shoulders and neck. Thanks to the toric and facetted reflector cups, the light is evenly distributed over the entire shoulder area.

Mega Sun K6

MegaSun K6

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